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Part of FreshGigs Creative Culture Series…

“In our Creative Cultures series, our writers spend a day inside companies to learn how hiring, onboarding and company culture play a role in employee happiness.

Crystal Henrickson, writer for FreshGigs, was welcomed to Ideon to immerse herself in the creative culture that has so long been the foundation of engagement at Ideon. From the CEO to the creative team, Crystal was able to experience how packaging is made from a people first perspective.

Ryan Kilthau | Graphics

“I love to see people succeed. It’s about unleashing the potential of the people here. I feel good about that.”Rick VanPoole | CEO

Article First Published at

By Author: Crystal Henrickson

“…the spirit of giving back and uplifting others is woven through Ideon’s values.”Crystal Henrickson

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Nutrition Strategies to Boost Your Immune System!

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Special Presentation by Adam Hart

Exceptional turnout for Town Hall at Ideon Packaging

At this month’s Town Hall, Ideon packaging welcomed family, friends and customers to join the Ideon Team for lunch and a special presentation by Adam Hart. Adam inspired everyone by sharing his personal experiences of applying nutrition strategies to overcome the health and well-being obstacles that many of us too often face in our busy lives.

Ryan Kilthau | Graphics

7 Key Strategies to Boost Your Immune System & Eliminate Nutritional Stress

More than 70% of Your Immune System is in Your Gut…

  • Eat More Plants
  • Eat Your Liquids or Drink Your Food
  • Chew, Chew, Chew…
  • Breathe Between Bites
  • Make Water Your Friend
  • Supplement Key Vitamins
  • Take Your Food Outside

Adam Hart | The Power of Food

Learn more about Adam and his journey here >

Stakeholders | AICC BoxScore

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Stakeholders: The Key to Discovering the Root Cause

First Published Nov. 23rd, 2015 at AICC BoxScore…

Box Manufacturing
More often than not, it’s the people doing the work who have the best ideas for improvement. All you need to do is ask them.Mike Nunn

When you redesigned the company’s ordering process, website, or forms, did you involve your customers? How about your customer service team?
The last time you did a setup reduction on your flexo-folder-gluer or rotary, did you involve the forklift or prepress teams?

How about your design request queue? Has the sales team had any input?

Heavily rooted in the foundation of a sustainable lean journey is the purposeful involvement of all stakeholders. Involvement takes many forms. It can mean:

Asking various people for help discovering the root cause when a problem happens, instead of thinking you have all the answers.

“More often than not, it’s the people doing the work who have the best ideas for improvement. All you need to do is ask them.”

Fostering a no-blame environment by looking to the process, not the individual, when defects occur.

Ensuring you have identified all affected parties when making a change, then giving everyone, or at least every team, an opportunity to participate in a meaningful capacity.
Asking good questions when doing your Gemba Walks—during both prosperous and challenging times. Questions such as: “If you could wave a magic wand and fix one thing in our company right now, what would it be?” Then follow that up with, “If it were up to you to fix this, how would you do it?”

It can be easy to get caught in the trap of thinking you have the best answer—especially if you’re the manager, because isn’t that why you’re a manager in the first place? But more often than not, it’s the people doing the work who have the best ideas for improvement. All you need to do is ask them.

Leadership and management play the biggest role in making people feel like they’re being heard. Involving stakeholders doesn’t mean just inviting people to a meeting; true lean involvement is encouraging them to participate, listening to their ideas, asking great questions, and following up on ideas.

Whenever you are creating or changing a process, it is imperative that you seek the people who are on the front lines and doing the value-added work. I’ve been involved in a number of Kaizen events where an amazing solution or idea came from someone who, under nonlean circumstances, may not have even been included on the team.

Everyone, from the CEO to the person you just hired to tail a flexo, has the ability to make great change in your company. Do you have the environment and culture to bring the ideas to the surface? If not, it’s time to start engaging your stakeholders.
Be continuous improvement!

Mike Nunn
Director of Operations

Ideon Welcomes Adam Hart!

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Surprise Guest Speaker

the “How-to-guy” for living with more energy…Adam Hart
Ideon Packaging’s monthly Town Hall finally outgrew the lunchroom and was, by necessity of attendance, moved to the plant floor this afternoon. The event was punctuated by guest speaker Adam Hart, best-selling author of “The Power of Food.” A local from Squamish, Adam has become widely known as the “How-to-guy” for living with more energy without giving up the foods you love”.

The Power of Food

Every Ideon Team Member received a copy of Adam Hart’s recent best-seller today as a pertinent kick-off for what is anticipated to be an upcoming year of personal health and well-being development guided by none-other than Adam himself. A big thanks to Rick Van Poele for committing such a strong investment to the Ideon Team!

Ryan Kilthau | Graphics

Learn more about Adam and his journey here >

Christmas Toy Drive!

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We bought:
Toys this year!

Great Work Team!

Saturday was a great success! We had 19 people attend. Thank you again everyone for making this possible. Another big thanks to Ideon who added an additional $2500, giving us a grand total of $7500 to spend this year. Our team did an amazing job shopping. We bought 374 toys this year–averaging out at $19.42/ea. Toy’s R Us provided a bag a free bee’s too. Over 350 kids will be affected in a positive way this year! Thanks for your continued commitment!

Colin Piro | CSR

Be proud Ideon!Rick Van Poele

Halloween Party!

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Design Team
Halloween BBQ!

Just wanted to say a huge thank-you to Dan Martin, Colin & James ; ) for all the work and help!!! Also big thanks to all of you for participating and making the event a blast!!!! Shout-outs to Carly & Ryan for the amazing artwork!!!! Jeff, Cam and Lena great work – thank you!!!!!

– Toby Harper | Design Team

Monster Fight Results!

Peter Chan – Winner!
31 Points
25 Points
Carly, Stevan & Eddie
21 Points

Costume Contest Winner!

Congratulations Mr. Ideon!
Enjoy your gift certificate for the KEG Restaurant, Mike Burleigh!