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Delivering WOW

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Delivering WOW is not just a statement at Ideon, it is our promise.Ideon Packaging

Delivering WOW. This statement embodies Ideon Packaging better than any other, but what does it mean?

It means a culture that allows our team members to grow and drive change.

It means a level of support that exceeds our customers expectations.

It means doing the right thing, every time.

Rapid growth challenges the commitment to your mission, vision and values; it highlights the cracks in your foundation, the deficiencies in your processes. Ideon’s FITT (Finding Innovation Through Teamwork) program uses Lean methodology to allow our Team Members to Deliver WOW, while continuously improving what we do. Delivering WOW is not just a statement at Ideon, it is our promise.

Ideon turned sixteen in October and our focus on Delivering WOW has allowed us to grow rapidly; Ideon was recognized in Business in Vancouver’s 100 Fastest list this year. It was incredible to see our name alongside the other fastest growing companies in BC and we are proud of what we have accomplished. Thank you to everyone who has helped Ideon to grow, we look forward to WOWing you for many more years!