POP Displays & More


POP Displays

Point of Purchase Packaging

Increase Product Visibility

Create a unique display to showcase your product directly at the point of purchase.

Enhance Brand Impact

Take advantage of bright, eye-catching, full colour graphics to improve brand recognition.

Increase Product Sales

Capture and convert consumer’s attention into increased product sales.

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Specialty Packaging

Counter-Top Displays, Specialty Boxes, Standees & More…

Place Sales Within Reach

Leverage valuable counter-top space with eye-level displays that punch above their weight class.

Launch Your Product

Consider creative packaging for your newest product to provide an engaging, memorable introduction to market.

Get Noticed

Announce your latest product or service, or simply compliment existing shelf space with a distinctly customized standee.

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Pallet Wraps

Any Size, Limitless Application

Full Pallet Wraps

Big. Bold. Nothing demands attention at big box stores like a fully wrapped pallet display.

1/2 & 1/4 Pallet Wraps

Whatever the dimensions or functionality required, Ideon has a pallet wrap solution to enhance your brand.

Make It Custom

Create a custom pallet display from the ground up. Get unprecedented area and coverage for maximum brand impact.

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Customize Your Project

Dielines, Spotgloss & Materials

Unique Dielines

Consider utilizing Ideon’s state-of-the-art, digital, dieless cutting capabilities to create a striking, three-dimensional brand experience!

Make it WOW!

Take advantage of Ideon’s digital spot gloss capabilities to produce artwork that really pops!

Achieve Anything

When functional design combines with materials, print and imagination, virtually anything is possible!

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Submitting Artwork

We’re Here to Make it Happen

Our Team will personally manage your project from inception to delivery…