Christmas Toy Shopping 2017

ideon 4theKids

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Be proud Ideon!Rick Van Poele

Great Work Team!

Success in business doesn’t happen from just one thing. Success takes the right people, the right culture, the right customers, focused leadership, a little luck, and a community that allows you to grow and flourish. Ideon is incredibly thankful for all those pieces of our success puzzle, and is committed to making a positve impact, especially close to home.

Ideon’s 4theKids initiative is to Deliver WOW to our local communities, and we are incredibly proud of Team Ideon’s contributions this year. Team Ideon raised a record $13,000 and Ideon’s executive added an additional $4,500 allowing us to spend $17,500 on toys for Canuck Place and the Richmond Christmas Fund.

To everyone who has supported our efforts to give back, thank you; we couldn’t have done it without you.

Colin Piro | CSR