President’s Message

Welcome to Ideon Packaging’s website!

When I started Ideon Packaging at the end of 2001 I promised myself and the people around me that we would create a culture where all team members would love to come to work every day! I wanted a company that would have a clear purpose and everyday live by very strong values. I was convinced that a business in a competitive market could thrive by engaging the hearts and minds of all its team members. As you might imagine, our people are an integral part of our Company’s culture and share in our vision and our ideals. We believe in leveraging the abilities of our team members and investing in them, so that they can be the best that they can be.

At Ideon we talk about the wow experience! Everything we do must be a WOW! We do that by having an incredibly wowed culture that strives to do whatever it takes to create a WOW experience for the Customer. Although Ideon has always been a provider of corrugated products, it is defined by a desire to deliver more than just an everyday product.

Our sales, customer service and design teams are expected to deliver ideas, provide knowledge as well as services, and our production personnel understand the need to manufacture the best product they possibly can.

Thanks for visiting our website. I hope you will gain a better insight into our products, get a better sense of who we are, and feel our eagerness to constantly Wow! I look forward to hearing your comments.


Rick Van Poele

Our Purpose Statement


Exceed Expectations

We provide a level of service and support that consistently exceeds customer expectations.


We listen to our customer’s requirements and provide creative solutions.


We seek fair and responsible profit, enough to keep the company financially healthy for the long term and to fairly compensate team members, investors and owners.


We understand that all team members add value and are the core to our success.


We value conflict, with resolution!


We are committed to developing all of our team members to help them grow and find fulfillment in an open culture.

Integrity & Honesty

We live by high values of integrity and honesty.


The Ideon Story

Boxes. Yep, corrugated boxes. Doesn’t really conjure up images of excitement or grandeur does it? But let’s face it, lots of good things come in boxes… don’t they? And Ideon loves boxes. We love providing solutions to your packaging needs. Corrugated containers, stock boxes, protective packaging, single-face lamination, POP, folding cartons? Yes, we do all that. Need advice on automating your packaging line? We do that as well. It all comes down to one thing, WOWing the Customer! That is the Ideon way!

It started over 10 years ago; Rick and Dave sat down and had a conversation about boxes. Over many cups of coffee the vision started to unfold. How do we differentiate ourselves? Could a box company design, manufacture and deliver boxes in 5 days, consistently? Could a WOW culture exist that all team members believe in? Could a company prosper, while giving back to the community and being environmentally responsible? 4theKids

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.William James